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India’s economy has been one of the stars of global economics in recent years, growing 9.2% in 2007 and 9.6% in 2006. Growth has been supported by markets reforms, huge inflows of FDI, rising foreign exchange reserves, IT and infrastructure boom, and a flourishing capital market. During this period of stable growth, the performance of the Indian service sector has been particularly significant. The growth rate of the service sector was 11.18% in 2007 and now contributes 53% of GDP. The industrial sector grew 10.63% in the same period and is now 29% of GDP. Agriculture is 17% of the Indian economy.

Growth in the manufacturing sector has also complemented the country’s excellent growth momentum. The growth rate of the manufacturing sector rose steadily from 8.98% in 2005, to 12% in 2006. The communication sector also registered a significant growth rate of 16.64% in the same year. Additional factors that have contributed to this robust environment are sustained investment and high savings rates. As far as the percentage of gross capital formation in GDP is concerned, there has been a significant rise from 22.8% in the fiscal year 2001, to 35.9% in the fiscal year 2006. Further, the gross rate of savings as a proportion to GDP registered solid growth from 23.5% to 34.8% for the same period.

The present global economic recession has not dampened the urge and vigour for growth in India. Another important factor is that around 550 million out of 1.17 billion people are with in the age group of 14 to 35 years. The economic growth of the country has created unprecedented demand for talent and trained human resource, particularly in Engineering, Design and Management areas. To meet this demand, the Government of India has been encouraging private and public sectors to establish more engineering and management colleges. At present there are more than 1400 engineering colleges and more than 1000 management colleges offering traditional Engineering and Management courses. Considerable number of graduates from these colleges opt for further education. Hence, there is a need for specialised courses at the postgraduate level in Engineering, Design and Management to work in niche areas. Over the last ten years, M.S. Ramaiah School of Advanced Studies, in collaboration with Coventry University, has been offering courses in niche areas filling the gap and has earned its position as a reputed postgraduate institute in India.

At present, the School offers twenty one postgraduate M.Sc. [Engineering], one general M.Sc.[Engineering] course for corporates and three Management degree courses. They are:


M.Sc.[Engg.] for Corporates

Coventry University awards the M.Sc. [Engineering] and MBA degrees. The highlights of these courses are:

  • > Courses are offered through full time and part time route
  • > Course duration is of 24 months for full time route and 36 months for part time route
  • > Courses are offered in modular form
  • > Course delivery is unique
  • > Notes for every module in soft copy form
  • > Every module is delivered by a combination of an academic faculty and a practicing engineer
  • > 80% attendance is compulsory for both theory and practical
  • > Evaluation is based on end of module written examination(50%) and Assignment (50%)
  • > A student is required to score a minimum of 40% in each module for a pass
  • > A student has to complete 10 taught modules, group project and individual project for the award of M.Sc.[Engg.] degree
  • > A student has to complete 10 taught modules, group project and individual project for the award of MBA degree
  • > Excellent management of courses and end of module feed back sessions
  • > Best possible laboratory and teaching tools for you to experience
  • > The courses not only enrich your knowledge and skills but make you a better engineer or manager

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